Time to Refresh your Underclothing?

Time to Refresh your Underclothing?

According to most studies, refreshing your underclothing should be part of a 6-12 month routine. Based on several factors ranging from quality, comfort and bacteria, experts suggest throwing out the old and bringing in the new at least once per year is the healthy thing to do.

If you’re like most people however, once per year typically turns into “I think I can make them last another 5 years.” We seem to find ourselves wearing things well beyond their lifecycle and even more so, ignoring comfort in the process. Why do we do this? We believe there are two reasons: a) It is in our nature to make things last as long as possible, and b) It can be costly to purchase new sets.

 So where is the compromise in all of this? How do we break this cruel cycle we continue to put ourselves through and change our habits for the better? Only if there were a product out there that contained quality and comfort at a reasonable price, required little effort to purchase, and was backed by a company that cares about things like people and the environment… Yes, only if… Stop the insanity and start going Naked.



 Team Panda