About Us

Designed for comfort and built for fun, Naked Panda was created by two ordinary and simple-minded guys who happen to share a passion for Pandas and adventure.

Set out on a mission to spread Pandamonium worldwide, Tom and Chris wanted to develop a company that would not only provide quality and comfort, but also help contribute toward worthy causes around the globe. Without knowing anything about the fashion industry or how to color coordinate, they were determined to make it work. Through extensive research, testing, stick figure drawings and awkward photo shoots, Naked Panda was born.

 Whether you are running, fighting a bear, in the gym or binge watching your favorite show, we will have you prepared for any situation that comes your way. We view Naked Panda as more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

 We hope you enjoy Pandas and comfort as much as we do, as well as helping others and various conservation efforts. If you do, we believe you will like our clothing. If not, you’re a horrible person.

Join the revolution; Go Naked!

Team Panda